DIY Missionary Countdown

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This has been my most favorite missionary DIY that I have done!  I did this countdown before Tyler left on his mission because I needed something to be excited about.  As the days counted down to him leaving, I got more and more depressed that I wasn’t going to have him physically with me for two years.  Rough life, I know.

As I was thinking about the time we had and the trial we we’re going to conquer (emphasis on “we’re going to” because this mission’s got nothing on us ♥ other than positive things of course), 730 days seemed like absolutely FOREVER.  I decided to countdown his mission by weeks.  Think about how fast most weeks go by and then jump around screaming because there are only 104 weeks of our boys missions!!! – Heck!  They spend 20% of their mission asleep!  Because of that, I decided to make a weekly countdown but if you’d rather do a daily or even monthly countdown, this DIY works for that too.


First, decide how big you want your countdown to be.  Mine ended up being around 7.5 by 6 inches.  I started with 5.5 inches of a 1×4 (which actually ends up being 1×3.5) piece of wood and framed that base piece (the 1×4) with 1x2s.  The dimensions are listed below.


Once you have cut out your wood, sand the pieces well and paint them with the color of your choice.  Before attaching the frame (the 1x2s) to the wood base (the 1×4), take the piece of 1×2 wood that you would like to be the top and mark where you want your C-Hooks to be placed.  The C-Hooks are what you’ll hang the number tags from.  I evenly spaced everything out so I knew exactly how far in to place the screws before screwing them in.  If you don’t do that, your frame will be off.  After that, I added the frame one piece at a time with wood glue and then used a nail gun to attach it better – but just wood glue would work too!


I was going to leave the background white but the paint I used was an off white and clashed too much with the pure white tags I had gotten.  This is optional, but I put a gold patterned sheet of paper on the inside-front of the base piece of wood and used double sided tape to stick it to the wood so that I could change the paper if I ever wanted to.


Lastly, the tags are the most fun part!  I went to Hobby Lobby and they had so different styles of tags.  The option you pick is important because you want it to fit perfectly!  My tags are close to 3 inches long and the spacing worked well while hanging.  I then found a front I liked and measured how big I wanted my numbers to be and printed them on my Circuit out of vinyl.  There are so many different ways to do the numbers.  You could use plain stickers, which was my original plan, but I couldn’t find any to the style or size I was looking for.  There are ways of foiling metallic numbers which is very in style.  Even going old school with a Sharpie would work as well!  Because I am counting by weeks, there is only one month that I needed three letters so I only printed 2 of each number.  I ended up having one tag left so I cut out a vinyl heart for the remaining 99 weeks (deep breaths… we got this!).


And you’re done!  Pretty simple right?  If you end up trying this DIY, I would love to see and hear from you!  Send me a message in the contact section of my blog or comment below!

We’re another week down ♥  And hope you all had a Merry Christmas!



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